The Art Journal Habit: A History


Roughly a decade ago, my past self stumbled upon an art journalist’s blog and I began what has been an on-again/off again relationship with art journaling.  The blog was called “The Trumpetvine Travels,” and Martha’s posts about her travel sketchbooks made a huge impact on how I saw my own artistic abilities and inclinations.  I’d say it completely opened my eyes to the possibility of pursuing art when for years I’d assumed that I had no talent and had missed the boat for mastering any art form whatsoever.

Trumpetvine Header.jpg

A bit of history: Like many rural kids, I attended a small school with little to no funding for developing artistic talent.  Once I graduated out of the elementary school construction paper projects, there were no longer any classes available to explore art.  None.  My little school dealt exclusively with the major classes required to help its students make their state and federal requirements.  If I had been an art prodigy, with above average talent and drive, I’m sure this wouldn’t have stopped me from learning on my own, but I wasn’t.  I was an average kid, with average talent, and a slightly above average interest, but not enough to challenge the system in any way.  I accepted that I wasn’t artistic.  It was a shame, but it was reality, and I honestly didn’t lose any sleep over it.


Martha’s San Francisco Bay sketch

I took my first art class my junior year of college, a design theory elective, and I’d say that this experience began the “awakening.”  I followed it with a couple of graphic design courses the next year, and found out that though I was not at the prodigy level, I really enjoyed making time for artistic projects.  The instructors also affected the way I saw my capabilities and encouraged me to pursue my artistic inclinations further.  I was a history major in my senior year, so a career in art wasn’t on the table, but I felt inspired to figure out a way to make it part of my life.

After graduating from college, I went home to find a “real job,” and to prepare myself to start grad school.  The next 3 years would be some of the most frustrating of my young life!  I felt stuck, without any real drive to enter a grad school program and I really really HATED my office job.  I was certain that I was wasting my life away and treading water, but low and behold, I was wrong!


An adventure was just around the corner, and it was during this waiting period that I developed some of the habits that I most cherish now.  I learned how to play the piano using the chords method, which is now a big part of my life and a great source of joy for me.  I also discovered the world of art journaling, and I began another habit that continues to bring me joy.

There concludes my (lengthy) backstory!  Next time: The Art Journal Habit: First Steps

Do you have any habits/hobbies that brought you joy in a difficult time?


Springtime Favorites!


It may still be chilly outside, with the trees bare and my heavy coat still in use, but spring is definitely lurking nearby.  Everything feels a bit lighter, the nice days seem to be growing more and more prevalent, and the idea of spring cleaning doesn’t feel completely ridiculous.

As we are heading into a new and wonderful season, I felt like adding to the positive vibes with some of my current favorite things!




The Valentine’s blossoms that graced the Brown household last month have somehow started the ball rolling on having fresh flowers around.  Mr. Brown gifted me a lovely bouquet on the 14th, and then I just couldn’t walk away from some lonely, but sweet roses left behind in our Walmart (at 50% off).  These flowers are just beginning to lose their luster, and I plan on replacing them in the name of Springtime!

Cleaning Videos…

So cleaning is not my preferred pastime, nor is it a talent of mine, but my YouTube subscription feed has been cleaning-heavy over the past week or so, and I have to admit that I find myself slightly inspired.  Here are a couple of cleaning videos that I’ve liked lately:

Do It On a Dime

Rachel Talbott:


New Haircare goodies!

I finally decided to have my haircut a few months ago at our local Ulta Beauty store, and walked out a new woman!  I absolutely loved what that amazing hairstylist did with my troublesome hair!  Let me tell you, I NEVER feel this way after a haircut.  Even the professionals don’t seem to have much luck working with what I’ve got, but this stylist made my hair look better than it’s ever looked.  Now, this may be TMI, but I don’t wash my hair everyday (and no, that is not my problem – it’s a fairly recent habit).  I go a few days between washing, and obviously, the last day on the cycle isn’t quite as good as the first, but my Day 3 hair after this haircut and style still looked amazing!  It was so hard to breakdown and wash it…

Sheer talent has most to do with that wonderful hair transformation, but by golly was I gonna try to recreate the magic.  I bought a few products that I remembered the stylist using, as well as switching the brush I use to blow-dry my hair, and I’ve honestly seen such a difference!!! 

One such product is the Redken Diamond Drops.  I’m loving this stuff!  I only use it when I blow-dry my hair so I don’t use it up too fast, but that combined with a couple of new drugstore products has really helped making my hair behave better.  It could still use some help, but I’m already pleased with the improvement!

My Sephora Z-Palette…


Have I mentioned my z-palette before?  Here it is!  I’m really enjoying having my favorite things all in the same palette 🙂  Although, I suppose it’s important to mention that none of the products in my Sephora Z-Palette are actually from Sephora…


img_0092                 img_0093


I’ve been “on Instagram” for years, but over the past few months I’ve enjoyed it so much!  I do enjoy posting my own pics, but the best part is scrolling through my feed.  I’ve collected a lovely bunch of Instagrammers, and there are so many beautiful things to see!

Bellabeat Leaf

I’d say the next most used app on my phone currently is the Bellabeat Leaf app.  This is the 3rd fitness tracker I’ve owned, and it’s my favorite.  I love how pretty it is to wear, and I’ve managed to use it daily.  The app is also pretty, and I really like the Mindfulness piece to it.  Meditation is something I’ve dabbled in over the past year, and I like how this app allows me to easily listen to short and sweet exercises, and then have that practice filter into my overall health data.  Sweet!



What a long post this is turning out to be!  Well, here’s the last bit…

The Bob Newhart Show

Say what?  Yep!  I’m loving the Bob Newhart Show on Hulu.  I’m on season 3, and find the show a relaxing and funny way to wind down.  It’s a bit different, and maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it’s awesome.  I love Bob, his neighbor Howard, the receptionist Carol and Jerry his dentist friend the most.  I also love the style of this 1970s sitcom.

Ok, enough for today!  I seem to have a lot of favorites right now, which is wonderful as far as I’m concerned 😉  Let me know if there’s anything you think I’m missing out on!