Faith-based Journaling Stickers

Etsy Preview Faith Stickers.jpg

Once upon a time, I decided that I’d try to keep a log of the items that I post in my Etsy shop.  Now, I haven’t exactly been loading the shop with tons of merchandise, but I’ve added a few things here and there that haven’t had the proper introduction.  One such item is another set of printable stickers!

My second sticker set in the shop is a faith-based collection of verses and Biblical truths.  I love this set, and use it for sprucing up my journals and planners.  I’d say it’s the equivalent of sticking index cards with verses on them around your house, but for your journals!

Hope you like it!  Be sure to let me know if you have any favorite verses that you love putting in your journals or trusty index cards 🙂

Here’s the link: Faith-Based Printable Sticker Set

And if you missed it the first time…  Here’s my first set: Inspirational Printable Sticker Set




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