One-Year Bullet Journal Recap

With January coming to a close, I realized that it’s been almost a year since I started my bullet journal!  I began my current journal in the middle of February 2016, and did a One Month In post last year.  From the posts and videos that I’ve seen on bullet journalling, spending an entire year in a journal is actually fairly pathetic.  I think 6 months might be the standard, but yet here I am, with pages left to fill and only a month left in my journaling year.


There are a few reasons for this…

  1. I rely mostly on weekly spreads to do my planning, so not EVERY day has a separate list
  2. I tested out a Happy Planner for awhile after wandering into the scrapbooking section of our local Michaels (obviously this didn’t stick, but it was so pretty!)
  3. We went to Scotland for vacation in September, and I didn’t do a blessed thing in my bullet journal the entire time
  4. Shortly after we arrived home from Scotland, I found out that I was pregnant, and also that I would be be one of the many mothers-to-be that spend months feeling AWFUL.  I completely lost interest in most things during this time, and therefore had no need for planning/bullet journaling

Yes, it took awhile to get back into the swing of things once the morning sickness ran its course, so most of the autumn is missing from my bullet journal.


But, as this is a bullet journal…  None of that matters!  This set-up as you go system makes it easy to pop in and out without having any blank sections.  It’s there for you when you need it, and I love that aspect of the bullet journal.  I’d say the only facet I’m not crazy about is the time it takes to create my monthly and weekly spreads when it’s time to move into them. 


If you visit the Bullet Journal website, far-future planning is not a focus of the system.  You can create monthly lists of events, and there is a popular 6-month spread that most people like to use for future events, but setting up weekly/monthly spreads for the rest of the year all at once doesn’t work very well.  You want to have your planning, notes and daily lists all together (or I do at least!).  But like I said, sometimes I put off using my notebook because I don’t feel like creating my weekly and monthly calendars when I need them. 


I don’t see a way around this small nuisance in my bound Leuchtturm 1917 notebook (which I love), but I’m toying with the idea of using a disc-bound system for my next year’s journal…  In the past, the discs seemed to get in the way, but maybe it’s worth being able to simply print off my weekly and monthly pages and stick them in as I come to them.

Just an idea!  Watch this space 🙂  I also thought it might be interesting to do a flip-through video when I’ve filled my journal, but we’ll see!


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