Looking Back & Looking Ahead


With Christmas over, 2016 seems done and dusted now.  It’s time to reminisce on the past year and/or look forward to the new one.  I personally find taking stock of the past year a bit of a hassle, but I’m certain that it’s the best way to start looking forward, as neglecting to look back often results in the same mistakes and the same oversights.

So here we go…

2016 GOALS

I’ve already run into a problem with this one, and can’t remember what I even wanted to accomplish!  I’m sure I came up with something, and probably wrote it down somewhere, but since my bullet journal wasn’t begun until February, I’m not sure where this life list would have been written… 

Obviously, a goal for the new year would be to make a list that I will look at after January…  See, looking back is already paying off!

Reading more (like 12 books in the year) is always on my list.  This year went fairly well, with a few months making up for book-less months, so I’m going to say that I’m happy with my 2016 reading schedule.  I found some authors I really loved (Liane Moriarty!!!), and even enjoyed a few audio books.  So happy with it that I won’t be changing it this year.

Blogging more was also most likely on the list, and I definitely failed.  Obviously.  New goal: blog posts at least 3 times a month!  It’s bewildering to me how easy it is to neglect a hobby that you actually enjoy…

I also vaguely remember wanting to try out a new business venture in 2016, and I did that, so good for me!  I failed at it, but all in all, it came at the right time and ended at the right time and I don’t regret it.  No new goal here however.

And that’s all I can think of when it comes to looking back on 2016 goals, so on to 2017!

2017 GOALS

As I mentioned above:

  1. Remember my goals
  2. Read 12 books
  3. Write 36 blog posts



  1. Create a home out of our new house
  2. Have a baby and keep it healthy!
  3. Fill an art journal

Six is probably a weird number for a goal list, but I’m leaving it there.  2017 is shaping up to be a intense year honestly…  We will be moving in March, our new baby (our first) is scheduled to appear at the end of May, and Mr. Brown is preparing for a deployment at the beginning of summer.  I have a hunch that these events will change many of my priorities and desires.  Maybe I’ll re-evaluate my goals this summer, but until then, let this be a list I can find all year! 


2 thoughts on “Looking Back & Looking Ahead

  1. anneemag23 says:

    Aw, Jennifer, congratulations! How precious, and there is no doubt that this wonderful event WILL change everything! Great news.
    I too want to get back to more frequent blogging. When I look back, I realise that at times, I blogged five, or even six times every single WEEK!! My life really isn’t interesting enough to reach these heady heights again, but I would like, at this new stage of my life, to be semi-regular at least in my posts.
    Again….congratulations, and hope you keep well. Have a very blessed New Year
    Anne x


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