Everyday Life in an Art Journal


There’s just something magical about starting a new art journal, at least for awhile!  Art journaling has been part of my life for almost 10 years now, and I’ve definitely had my ups and downs.  Want to know what the greatest obstacle has been to my art journal practice?

My amazing iPhone!


When I tried to figure out why I’ve been recently neglecting this hobby that I so consistently kept up for years, I realized that my habit fell off at the exact time I bought my first smart phone.


So now what?  Well, I’m not getting rid of the iPhone, I’m a modern woman after all!  I’ve just got to train myself to notice when I’m on my phone out of boredom, and draw instead…  Easy peasy?

What hobbies have you found yourself replacing with time on your smart phone?



One thought on “Everyday Life in an Art Journal

  1. The Diligent Journey says:

    I love the realization you made about yourself and your smart phone. I’ve had to set intentional boundaries with when I use technology, because I could seriously spend all day on it! I try not to use my phone as much on the weekends, and after, like 7:00p-ish, purposefully to be more present with my husband. Thanks for sharing!

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