Misfit Update: So Many Flashes!

After ending my last Misfit Flash Review post on a high note, and with a brand new replacement tracker, I’ve come to feel like I’m in a pen-pal relationship with this company.  I can say with plenty of experience that the customer service reps at Misfit are lovely, but all of this correspondence wasn’t something that I was really going for when I bought one of their products.

The replacement tracker I received lasted another month, then stopped responding, just like the first one.  I contacted Misfit again, and went through the troubleshooting process before receiving another replacement.

48 hours later, my replacement-replacement Flash stopped responding (in record time!).  I emailed the company again with the news, and after a few back and forth’s, was informed that they would be sending me another replacement.  But not just any old replacement, a new Misfit Shine!  The much prettier (and more expensive) sibling to my basic flash.


Fine with me!  Might as well try it out.

Recently Updated.jpg

I received it yesterday, and true to the website pics, it is beautiful!  I chose the sea glass version, and it definitely is an aesthetic step up from the Flash.  Beyond its looks, this tracker says it can go swimming with me, and it responds to light tapping to check my progress and the time.


As far as first impressions go, that’s all I’ve got.  I’d like to buy a nicer wrist strap for it, but experience tells me that I should hold off for a bit.

I will be holding my breath for the next 2 months.


2 thoughts on “Misfit Update: So Many Flashes!

  1. The Diligent Journey says:

    That’s pretty awesome! Sounds like pretty good customer service, especially after such a frustrating experience. I’ll be curious what you think of the Shine. I almost went with them when I was looking for fitness trackers, but ended up going with the Fitbit HR, which has been great. The thing I liked about the shine was that it is waterproof, where the Fitbit HR is not. Looking forward to hearing more about it!


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