The Search for the Perfect Fitness Tracker: Misfit Flash

After months of hemming and hawing, I decided to take the plunge into the fitness tracking sea with a Misfit Flash.  I weighed the many options, and ultimately was swayed by the affordability of this little gadget.

I, like many aesthetically-minded women, eyed the Bella Beat Leaf for months and months, becoming almost obsessed by the need to attain what seemed to be an unattainable perfect fitness tracker.  The brand new product was being distributed in phases, and it seemed like it would never be available to my section of the waiting list.

So why am I not reviewing the lovely Leaf?

Well, thanks to the LONG waiting list, I was able to read a ton of reviews when the 3rd group received their Leafs, and could see that although the tracker was prettier than most, it was lacking in functionality.  It seemed to me that a cheaper alternative that performed just as well (if not better) than the expensive Leaf was better for a Rookie such as I.

On to the Misfit Flash review!

To be fair, I actually didn’t buy the Flash per say…  I bought the Misfit Link, which is essentially a Flash without the wrist band.  It was much cheaper, and according to online reviews, I wasn’t missing out with the flimsy wristband.  Not that I even entertained the idea of wearing this little guy on my wrist…remember my aesthetically-minded personality.

The Link comes with a little clip, which so far has worked perfectly for me.  I’m quite the casual dresser, and so far have always been able to clip my tracker to my waistband, whether it be on jeans, leggings or slacks.  I’m not one to bare my midriff, so the clip is always concealed and unobtrusive.  I already have jewelry, so there’s really no need to display the little guy.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Now on to functionality.

After 2 weeks of wearing my Flash day and night, I woke up one morning to an unresponsive tracker.  It wasn’t responding to clicks, a battery change, or an app reboot.  I contacted Misfit via email, and let me tell you, the responded quickly and had shipped off a replacement in no time!  I was so pleased with the customer service!  They emailed me a UPS return label, and I sent the dud back.  I’ve had the replacement about  a month now, with no issues.

True to it’s online description, the Flash tracks my steps (which compared to my iPhone tracker seems accurate), my weight, and my sleep.  Pretty simple and basic, but that’s all I’d been looking for really.  I will admit that the sleep tracking is a bit inaccurate, with midnight trips to the bathroom (on the other side of my house) being completely missed and recorded as deep sleep…  So yeah, I’m taking the sleep tracker seriously at all at this point and continue to use the Sleep Time app on my phone.


The Misfit app itself is also a bit basic, and I find myself wishing it provided more data.  I have no idea what I’m missing or looking for, so I honestly can’t criticize the app too much.  A feature I do like on this app is the Total Distance tracker.  For instance, since I’ve started tracking my steps, I have traversed 9.6% of the California coastline and 1.2% of the moon’s circumference.  Neat right?

I haven’t tried to use the Link app or features at all, so I can’t attest to the functionality of that side of things.  This app apparently allows you to use your Flash as a button for selfies, slides and music controls.  I will say that from what I read online, it’s nothing to write home about.

All in all, I give this tracker a 4 out of 5 stars after a month and a half of use.  I’m pretty happy with it, and think I will be able to resist the Bella Beat call indefinitely.