Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Feelings

And I’m back!

Whew…is summer really over? I mean really over? September and October have re-defined the Indian Summer here in Kansas, and today was the first day that I’ve thought fall and winter may actually take over in the end.

That being said… I’m still rocking my Spring capsule wardrobe. I know, I know, SPRING? That’s right. Let me explain.

I may have mentioned this, but in case I’ve been keeping you in the dark, I’m EXTREMELY PICKY. Yes, so picky that I have trouble finding clothes. This is a bit of the reason that I started my capsule wardrobe to begin with, but might end up being its undoing. Am I being dramatic?

Let me take you back to the end of May:

I was bursting with excitement when June was about to begin and I could revamp my wardrobe. Items on the list: a shirt dress, flowy tunic, sandals, a new pair of skinny jeans, and a cute rain coat. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. Etc. I am still looking for everything on that list except for the skinny jeans! Which I found less than two weeks ago. I’ll admit, wearing the same wardrobe for 2 seasons wasn’t the end of the world, and I did have a couple things that I pulled out of storage to get me a tad excited in the beginning, but my excitement slowly evaporated when I realized that I hadn’t worn any of the stored items by the end of summer. I’m doing this all wrong.

But, today is a new day, and maybe, just maybe I can wrangle out a decent Autumn/Winter capsule. Yes, I’m combining them to minimalize the stress. My plan of action this time around is to start out with everything I have for the season, and delay giving away things I’m not crazy about until I can replace them. This isn’t in keeping with The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up or most wardrobe editing manuals, but I’m going to try it. If I rid my closet of all so-so articles of clothing, I know I will just go into panic mode when I can’t pick up pieces for the gaping holes left behind.

My List:

– cozy dress

–  comfy sweater

– comfy grey cardigan

– black slim cardigan

– Brown boots (this one’s a bear!)

– Winter Coat

IF I can find all of these things before the cherry blossoms start to lightly scent the air, I will have a total of 24 items in this season’s capsule. That’s it! Sounds easy, but I know better. 


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