My Top 5 Podcasts Playlist

Over the past few months, I’ve joined the ranks of the somewhat annoying podcast listening masses.  I’m now one of those people that start 80% of sentences with “So I was listening to a podcast, and…”  Just ask Mr. Brown, he will back me up here.

So yes, I know that I’ve become slightly exasperating, but I just    can’t    STOP!  Why?  Here’s the top 5 reasons why:


1)      This American Life

Considered the grandfather of podcasts, this story-driven radio show has commanded the top spot of the podcast charts for as long as I have been a member of the masses.  It wasn’t the first podcast I ever listened to, but it’s probably the most solid favorite I have.  I landed on this after Serial – the would-be favorite if it was available right now, and a spin-off of This American Life – ended.  I love the stories on this podcast, and how they tie them together with a theme every week.


2)      The Lively Show

I’ve already done a bit of gushing about this podcast on this blog, so I’ll try to keep it short.  I LOVE THIS SHOW.  This was my first foray into the inspirational/educational podcast world, and it just makes me feel good when I spend my time listening to this.


3)      TED Radio Hour

This podcast belongs to the NPR family, and can I just say, I really really appreciate NPR.  I’ve been listening to this station a bit on the radio for the past few years, but am loving the podcasts it puts out.  This podcast follows the “This American Life model” by choosing a theme, and supporting it with multiple parts.  It’s all interviews with all kinds of TED Talks people, from scientists to artists to explorers.  Very very cool.


4)      Good Life Project

I made it to this podcast by way of the Lively Show, and I’d say it’s like a sibling of that show.  Like hosts Jess Lively and Jonathan Fields are fraternal podcast twins.  What I love about this show is that it comes at these interviews (sometimes the same people!) from the male perspective.  Jonathan is so easy to listen to, and he gives me a way to see things with new eyes.  Also very inspirational, even if he is a man!  Kidding… sort of.


5)      Pop Culture Happy Hour

In the podcast world, this show is the guilty pleasure.  Obviously.  This is not the show for someone in search of serious soul-searching or intellectual growth, which is what I love about it.  Don’t get me wrong, this crew is intelligent (did I mention that this is another NPR child?), but they are so funny!  I just love listening to them bounce off each other, and just enjoy discussing things with each other.  I’m not gonna lie, I don’t necessarily agree with every conclusion they come to, and I often don’t have a clue who or what they’re referring to in their discussions, but they are just so likeable!  It’s also a great place to get some book/film/music recommendations.

Do you listen to podcasts?


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