Book of the Moment: Wild by Cheryl Strayed

It took me 3 months to read this book.  It wasn’t because this book was dull, or long-winded, or because the story was uninteresting.  It took me 3 months to read this book because:

A) I can be a slow reader…made slower by the ability to binge watch YouTube videos on no fewer than 3 devices.  There are many YouTube compatible activities, but reading a book is not one them.

B) I made use of the wonderful e-book lending system offered by our library!  This wonderful system is FREE, but, just like when you check-out a “real” book, there’s a time limit.  14 days.  There also seems to be a limited number of check-outs per book, so each time I want to borrow a popular book (like Wild, for instance), I have to wait between 30 and 45 days in between check-outs.

However, just like the formidable Cheryl Strayed, I was persistent in the face of my setbacks, and I’ve finished this book!

I can honestly say that I loved reading this book.  I loved the adventures, and the interwoven backstory.  This book covered so many struggles and successes that I’ve never pondered before, let alone experienced.  I’ve never given any thought to hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (or any “real” trail for that matter), but this book made me want to try something like it.  Strayed’s account made it seem possible for anyone that wanted it enough.

Don’t get me wrong, much of the book covered all the reasons a couch dweller like myself would be miserable.  A large part of the book just seemed to be counting the ways that Strayed herself was miserable, but it was very clear that it was worth every miserable moment.

What was worth it?  Well, that’s the mystery…  That’s what makes you want to strap on a “monster” of a back-back and head for the hills.

5 stars!

Cheryl Strayed – Wild


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