Tidying Up: Miscellaneous Madness

I’ve come to the dreaded MISCELLANEOUS category.

Let me just warn you fellow MariKondo explorers… This category seems impossible to complete all together and in one go. Do not attempt.
How do I know this? I know this because it took me 1 week to sort through 1 section of the Miscellaneous category! I cannot imagine gathering up & sorting everything that falls under this category in one shot (this is practically everything you own if you think about it). I cannot imagine looking at a pile that includes cotton balls, paper plates, candles, thread, food, hot glue gun refills, and make-up. Seriously, my heart is beating faster just thinking about the chaos.

Shake it off Jennifer! It never happened.

Ok, let me calmly describe my process for plunging into the Miscellaneous category.

1) Decide that pressing on in one shot is madness

2) Create multiple sub-categories:

Hobbies, Décor, Media & accessories, Health & Beauty, Cleaning Supplies, Food, Kitchenware & Small Appliances, Furniture, Household & Survival supplies

3) Sort each category

4) Walk through each room to catch any leftovers

Just in case this sub-category business is causing mild panic for my readers…

You mean we have to read 10 posts on boring Miscellaneous junk!

No judgement here, that’s what I’d be thinking. In the coming weeks/hopefully not, but maybe months, I’ll make my way through this Miscellaneous jungle, and report back when I’ve reached the halfway point (to keep motivated), and then again at the finish line. Hobbies is done as of this past weekend! Small victories!

I hope everyone is having a good week! My next sort through will begin this weekend…think of me…


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