Tidying up: Clothing, Etc…

So I’ve begun putting The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up into practice.  To be honest, I think the word tidying may not be quite right for this task.  When I think about tidying, I think of moving things around to make a space look more organized, but not doing anything serious.  In the KonMari world, tidying is SERIOUS.  It involves a major purge of your possessions, then comes the organizing.  Everything is laid out in steps, from the purging to the storing.  Very detailed steps.  Although, considering the massive task that this book asks us to embark on, I think the steps will save everyone’s sanity if they stick to them. 

Anyway…  Marie Kondo (who is absolutely adorable – seriously, Google her) recommends tidying by category, and clothing is to be your first stop on the tidying train.  I’ve recently done a wardrobe overhaul, see my Capsule Wardrobe post, so I thought that would really help me get out of the first purge without too much trouble.  I was partially right, it was easier than it would’ve been, but it was still a fairly large task.  I hadn’t included lounge-ware, pj’s, seasonal items, shoes, accessories, or jewelry in my capsule wardrobe, so…  That’s a lot of stuff!

In the end I bagged up 4 bags out of this category, and that even includes some clothes that made the first capsule cut!  I seriously LOVED the premise for making my choices, “Does this spark joy?”  It was much easier than I thought it would be, and I knew right away for 90% if my items.  The general rule is, if you hesitate and have mull it over…it probably doesn’t spark joy.

While I’m trying to firmly stick to Kondo’s rules, doing this entire task in one go is something I just won’t be able to manage anytime soon.  I think I’d have to take vacation time to manage that!  Hopefully that won’t be a “fatal” mistake…


4 thoughts on “Tidying up: Clothing, Etc…

  1. Minimalist Guy says:

    Like this post a lot. I wrote a couple posts on managing wardrobes, it definitely takes time and patience. However, it will be more rewarding if done that way. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. -Darren

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