Tidying KonMari Style

Lately I feel like a pilgrim plodding down a well-worn track, that, though many have plodded before me, still has that air of discovery.  I’ve been jumping from discovery to discovery, and the latest landmark is the KonMari tidying method.  This book first caught my eye in a Barnes & Noble display, but I honestly didn’t go beyond picking it to look at the cover – it’s a lovely cover.  Since then, it’s been popping up in the videos of some of my favorite YouTubers, and after watching OrganizedLikeJen put the method to use, I thought to myself, “I should really check this out…”

It seemed to fall right in line with my current minimalistic obsession phase, so I checked with my local library to see if I could easily get my hands on it (for free).  Low and behold, I found out that my lovely, but small hometown library just started working with an audio and video service called Hoopla.  The selection is fairly limited at the moment, but The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo was an audiobook option!  Perfect!  Honestly, when it comes to non-fiction, I do much better with being able to listen instead of read.  It actually came at the perfect time to replace my daily The Lively Show podcast listening sessions (I’m already caught up…so sad).

I’ve already decided to veer a bit from her method, and sort my categories over the next month – instead of on one go like she suggests.  I understand her point to be sure, and may be kicking myself later if I ‘relapse’ or fail, but for now, I’ll just try to complete one category at a time.

Soooo….  Stay tuned!


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