Steps to Minimalism


As you all are constantly reminded, my discovery of the capsule wardrobe has led me down several rabbit trails.  It’s amazing how just looking at your closet differently can pave the way for changes elsewhere.  Enter Minimalism.

Minimalism never sounded good to me, it sounded boring, austere and uncomfortable.  Just say the word, and the image that pops into my mind are serious people (usually with straight hair), sitting in the only 2 chairs they own, in front of bare white walls.  Eeek!  No thank-you, if that’s style, I choose comfort every time.

BUT, apparently that is not what Minimalism is all about.  It’s not really an interiors style as much as a lifestyle of having just what you need, and being intentional about keeping it that way.  I know I’m not the only one that is saying, “How in the world did I accumulate so much stuff!” every time I move…  We don’t say this type of phrase with pride or excitement over what we were able to gather, but with disbelief.  I think that we just can’t believe that we own so much because deep down, there’s so many other things we want.  It’s not a good feeling when I realize that I own a mountain of things I never think about, and still spend time thinking about what else I want.

From the little I’ve read at this point, it seems like the aim of living the Minimalistic lifestyle is to avoid the paragraph above, both physically and mentally.

So, I’ve decided to jump into the water, and start paddling!  My progress will probably be slow, but I wanted to document it just the same.

Step 1 : Gather STUFF for garage sale/donations

Step 1 : Gather STUFF for garage sale/donations

Watch this space as I start clearing my clutter!


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