There’s an App for That: Stylebook

I’ve been capsule wardrobing it for a few weeks now, and I’ve made an observation I was not expecting…

I now have to make a bit more effort to make sure I don’t wear the same outfit twice in one week.

Before I started simplifying my wardrobe, I could go for weeks without doing laundry.  I knew that I had plenty of clothes left in my closet, so I’d go as long as my underwear stores would allow.  This wasn’t a great habit honestly…obviously maybe?  This method meant that when laundry did come around, it was a HUGE undertaking.  I did a lot of rummaging through laundry baskets on a daily basis to find items I wanted because I didn’t want to mess with putting everything away.  It also meant that for the last half of my no laundry run, I hated about everything left in my closet, which in turn spurred me on to buy more clothes.  Please see the formula below:

HUGE laundry jobs + frantic rummaging through baskets + no favorites “in stock” + more $$$ spent on clothes = Morning madness & frequent “I don’t have anything to wear” dreams (similar to naked dreams)

Obviously this situation wasn’t the best, but it made wearing the same thing to work twice in a week extremely unlikely.  Now I have to remember what I wore every week…which apparently is too hard for me!  I realized one Thursday that I had no idea what I wore the Monday before, and was hoping that it wasn’t the freshly washed clothes I was about to put on.


This was an uncomfortable situation, BUT…  There’s an app for that!  It’s called Stylebook, and so far, it’s just what I needed.  This app keeps track of your clothes in a way that I’ve dreamed of since first watching Clueless.  It does take a bit of effort at first, but it’s not too bad, especially if you’ve pared down your wardrobe recently!  The effort is to take pictures of your clothing to import into the app.  I used a white sheet for a background, and the app did the rest!  Now I can search through my virtual closet, make outfits, and…wait for it…assign looks to the days I wear them!

I’ve taken a few screen shots of the app for your viewing pleasure…

IMG_1916    IMG_1915    IMG_1914

So far, I really love this app, and feel like it’s really helping me learn how to build a capsule wardrobe.  I’ve already found a couple items that I haven’t been wearing that I should kick out.  Yay!

Have you found any good style-related apps recently?


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