First Impressions: the iPhone 6


This weekend, Mr. Brown and I made a special trip to “town,” otherwise known as the great metropolis of St. Joseph, MO.  Our one and only goal: to visit an AT&T store and decide if we’d like to upgrade to AT&T Next to get new phones.  Mr. Brown’s iPhone 5 had been giving him problems for months, and he was fed up.  My iPhone 4s was as good as new, but I’ll admit I was antsy for something actually new.  After visiting 2 stores, and taking some time to think and talk about it, we returned to the 2nd store, and walked out with new, slim iPhone 6 mobiles in our pockets/purses!

It’s been 2 days, so I thought I’d share my first impressions while they’re still untainted by experience…


There’s no denying that the iPhone 6 is pretty.  I mean, that’s a huge part of the Apple brand, pretty products that look clean.  The iPhone 6 fits perfectly into the line-up, and I have no criticisms to offer on the look.  It seems a lot bigger than my iPhone 4s, and this initially bothered me a tad, but I’m warming to it already.


In comparison to my iPhone 4s, this phone is super thin!  My goodness, it feels so much lighter and thinner that I almost worry that I’ll break it just by holding it.  The 4s is downright chunky in comparison, and that’s what I’ve grown used to for the past couple years.  I dropped it on a regular basis, and it seriously came out without a scratch.  I had a flimsy Etsy case, and didn’t even have a screen protector.  The 6 feels oh so fragile, and the repeated warnings (very passionate warnings mind you) from the AT&T associate have made me a little uneasy.  Frugality prevented me from buying a case from the store, so this little guy is going commando until my pretty flowery case arrives.  I promise I’ll be careful!


So far so good!  No complaints on the functionality side yet.  Any iPhone user can tell you that new models function a lot like the older versions as far as essentials go.  Some might see this as a downside, but I honestly love the continuity that Apple provides in their products.  I love that I can turn on my new and alien feeling phone, and see a familiar set up right away.  It’s like buying a newer, better house, and filling it with your favorite furniture to make it feel like home…right away & without the huffing and puffing!

One really cool new function that I already love -> the fingerprint scanner!  This is my first device with this option, and I love it!  It’s a small but exciting little upgrade.

General feeling:

No buyer’s remorse here!  I love beautiful things, and this phone is beautiful.  I’d been on the fence about whether to try a different make of phone, after having iPhones for the past 4 years, but I’m glad I stuck with it.  I have a Macbook, iPad, and Apple TV, so going with something else would’ve been more hassle than it was probably worth.  I could be wrong, but I don’t feel wrong… *wink wink*

What about you?  Have you tried the iPhone 6?


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